Tucker's songs are for the truly torn, no surprise given her journey to date. She has gone by several different names, including one she pulled from a hat. Growing up in a Toronto suburb, she answered to the name Catherine Doherty. That's the same name they printed on her diploma when she graduated from Architecture school and the one you may see in the art department credits of feature films such as Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet (1996). To anyone who's been to a Jane Wayne's foot-stompin' hoe down she was Tucker Doherty, the singer of wrenching ballads with names like Break My Heart, but check at the registry office and Tucker comes up Sharon Ann Meunier. That's the name on her original birth certificate, the name her teen-age single mom gave her the same day she gave her up for adoption.

While living in L.A. and working as a set designer (1996-2000), Tucker bought a four-track recorder and got hooked on songwriting. Too shy, at the time, to perform alone, she didn't set foot on stage until 2000 when she moved back to Toronto and teamed up with Lisa Silverman to form the alt-country crooners, The Jane Waynes (2000-2004). After a couple of gigs, the charismatic duo quickly expanded to a five piece and immediately garnered attention from local press for their rollicking shows and songwriting skills. They were voted one of NOW Magazine's Low-Tech Threats Picked to Click in 2002.

Back in the early duo days, The Jane Waynes craved catchy stage names. Lisa picked Travis and soon-to-be-Tucker looked inside her cowboy hat, saw the model name, Tucker, and that was that. While the hat had always been a bit big, the name was a perfect fit. She eventually dropped the Doherty and went with Finn, feeling a bond with the conflicted Mark Twain character, Huck Finn.

After recording a successful independent album, Cowboy Songs, in 2004, The Jane Waynes folded amicably, and Tucker began taking her songs and production ideas in a new direction.

Tucker's songs have made it to the finals of numerous songwriting competitions. Most recently, Cold Paper Heart, placed first in both the Folk/Singer Songwriter category of the ISC (2010 International Songwriting Competition) and the "Other" category of OzSong International (2010). Her old Jane Wayne classic, Four in My Ever, picked up a starring role in the much loved Daniel MacIvor play, A Beautiful View and continues to travel with that show. 

In the summer of 2006, Tucker befriended songwriting greats, Mary Gauthier and Fred Eaglesmith. Fred, impressed with Tucker's songwriting chops, invited her to open for him on a three week stint to Texas and back. But that momentum came to a temporary halt when a car crashed into Tucker's Toronto home in May of 2006. She spent the next years overseeing the rebuild of the tiny downtown infill house. Harnessing the devastation that comes with the sudden loss of one's home, Tucker honed the songs on The Cup & The Lip (released Oct 26, 2010), which explores the desolation of a character caught between emotional immobility and the next move.

Tucker is currently writing her next record.