SOCAN : Words and Music
(May 17, 2011)

SOCAN member Tucker Finn won the 2010
International Songwriting Competition
first-place award in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter
category for writing "Cold Paper Heart".


(excerpt)... Other big winners include
Nashville’s Nicole Witt (Country), Toronto’s
Tucker Finn (Folk/Singer-Songwriter),
and Kahn Morbee of the South African band
The Parlotones (Rock).

BAY AREA REPORTER (April 7, 2011)
The Cup & the Lip (Jane Wayne) by
Tucker Finn is one of the most original
and promising debut discs in recent
memory. Finn, who sounds like a queer
Rickie Lee Jones, separates the disc
into two acts, complete with an
intermission and an epilogue.
Marvelous opener "Desperado on
a Bike" sets the tone and conjures
Mary Gauthier on "I've Been Doing
OK." Finn adds a string section to
"Cold Paper Heart" with heartwarming

THE DAILY BREEZE (L.A.)  (Dec 30, 2010)
Catching Up With Catchy CD's from
Past Year: 
(By Sam Gnerre)

Quirky, minimal pop with occasional
jazz overtones highlights former set
designer and graphic novelist Tucker
Finn's debut, "The Cup and the Lip"

(Jane Wayne). Its oddness grows on
you. On tunes such as "Cold Paper
Heart" and the wonderful "Vertical
Road Trip," the Canadian singer-
songwriter's wry delivery makes her
sound like the female counterpart to
Mark Everett of the Eels, if he had
Regina Spektor's knack for offbeat,
catchy tunes. The results are slightly
off the beaten path and totally captivating.

Adored and Played Albums of 2010
(Dec 30, 2010) Paul is host
of Corby's Orbit at CKLN Toronto, 88.1fm,
Fridays 11am-2pm
The Cup & The Lip (Tucker Finn)

The Best of 2010:

By John Sakamoto, Dec 23, 2010
Tucker Finn's Great Work of Fiction
from The Cup & The Lip. (by Mia Jones)
Tucker Finn Interview (Dec 3, 2010)

...Tucker Finn’s debut solo album, The Cup &
The Lip, is a work of poetic artistry that hits
you in the soul. It’s not filled with love songs,
it’s more of a slap of reality to your face. Her
voice doesn’t sing as much as it matter-of-factly
narrates a tale of life’s pitfalls. It is the stoicism
with which she sings that makes her debut so
intriguing to me. ...(read more)

POXYMASH (Nov 30, 2010)
Tucker Finn Interview: (excerpt)
Her blend of alternative-folk-pop will leave
you musing upon frittering your talents away,
the perilous joy of heading nowhere, getting
your Hank Williams returned to you scratched
and having a pillar obstruct your view at the
theatre !
PICKSYSTICKS (Nov 24th, 2010)
(A play by play: The Cup & The Lip:)
The Cup & The Lip opens with the lone female
protagonist strolling into the city like Clint
Eastwood high on a horse from a scene in a
Western, trotting into town with eyes watching.
An outlaw stranger. But she does not ride a
steed, rather she is a “Desperado on a Bike.
(read more)

 TANDEM Magazine
On the Beat (Nov 14, 2010)
Review of Tucker Finn Toronto CD Release show:

This local singer/songwriter formerly with
honky tonkers, The Jane Waynes, launched
her solo CD, The Cup & The Lip, in triumphant
style recently at Revival. Backed by seven fine
musicians (including horns and strings), she
brought her very literate and oft witty songs to
bright life. The sound was better than I’ve ever
heard at the Little Italy club, aided by the real
attentiveness of the audience. Finn has an
understated but effective vocal style, and the
strength of her songs mark her as a real contender.

CHRW 94.9 - Album Review
(by Christopher White)
A wonderful surprise of an album from this
Toronto area folk musician. My Old Kentucky
recently made a positive comparison to
Aimee Mann, although the lyrics regularly
reminded me of John K. Samson of The
. Listen to "Cold Paper Heart"
to hear what I mean.

EARSHOT Top 20 Chart for October 2010
(Nationwide Canadian College Radio Chart) 
#17 The Cup & The Lip (Tucker Finn) 
(Folk/Roots/Blues Nationwide)

(Oct 26, 2010)
Finn's straight-forward, no-nonsense style is as
refreshing and vivid as any singer-songwriter
disc released this year. Marrying Beck's
plain-spoken vocals with fellow Canadian
Kathleen Edwards' rustic charm, The Cup
& The Lip
is a dusty, spartan and darn-near
perfect disc...Finn's true gift are her lyrics
which unfurl like novellas and inhabit characters
that are eerily familiar and easy to root for.
(read more)

AFTER ELLEN (Oct 26, 2010)
She’s folky, she’s rocky, she’s got a bit of a
speak-sing thing going on and, quite frankly,
I’m intrigued by Tucker Finn. Each of her
songs seem like samples of familiar tunes
but are incredibly unique at the same time. 

EXCLAIM MAGAZINE (Oct 26th, 2010)
(Album Review by Kerry Doole)
Finn found popularity as a member of Toronto,
ON honky tonkers the Jane Waynes, and is
destined for wider recognition with this simply
superlative debut solo CD. It marks her as a
songwriter of emotional power, with a knack
for nifty lines like, "my get up and go just
got up and went." She has a clear, unaffected
vocal delivery and the arrangements of her
songs show musical intelligence, as the deft
use of strings and horns lift the record out of
the standard country/folk zone....A spectacular
(read more)

Song of the Day: Track 4: Vertical Road Trip 
from The Cup & The Lip. FREE DOWNLOAD !!

(Oct 21, 2010)
The Cup And The Lip is a darkly engaging
collection of material that begins with
“Desperado on a Bike”, which after hearing,
I was struck by several things. First, the
production and sound quality of the track is
first rate. Second, Finn’s vocals immediately
catch my ear with an absolutely distinctive
style. Her voice reminded me of Victoria
Williams mixed with the bohemian cool of
Tom Waits. Third, the lyrical imagery is
engaging and unfolds like watching a good
movie or reading a great book. 
(read more)

(excerpt) Tucker Finn's The Cup & The Lip
is not just an album; it's a work of art......
The music seems to be like a sound track
for the lyrics, a melodic backdrop for the 
emotional poetry...
(read whole review)

MOKB (myoldkentuckyblog)  (Oct 4, 2010)
Chock full of flawed characters, poignant
vignettes and the littlest of epiphanies, it’s
one of those records that gnaws at you,
striking a little deeper and scraping a little
harder with each successive listen. Fans 
of great songwriting, in the vein of Aimee 
Mann, will find an immediate and almost
unhealthy attraction to The Cup & The Lip. 
(read more)

TORONTO STAR (Sept 11, 2010) 
(Sept 11th, 2010)
TUCKER FINN - Great Work of Fiction:
#1 on the Anti-Hit List
(by John Sakamoto) 
Here, courtesy of the co-founder of the
late Toronto alt-country band The Jane
Waynes, is our favourite opening line to
a song this year: “I’m playing the role
of the actor.” Apart from requiring just
seven words to send you down the rabbit
hole, Finn also manages to neatly encapsulate
the sophisticated balancing act between
sardonic humour and profound sadness
that runs through the entire length of this
song. Add a subtle horn arrangement capable
of evoking both Elvis Costello’s “Almost Blue”
and Herb Alpert’s “The Lonely Bull,” and
you’ve got far, far more than just a great
opening line. (From The Cup & The Lip)

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