From the album The Cup & The Lip (mP3)


<b>COLD PAPER HEART</b><br />
Tucker Finn © 2010<br />
<br />
I was born with a cold paper heart<br />
What a terribly lonely misfortunate start <br />
To have a low ceiling for loving and feeling<br />
Inside of my cold paper heart <br />
<br />
I find it quite easy to lie <br />
And my heart don’t feel nothing when old people die<br />
It’s flattened and froze and nobody knows <br />
Why I cling to this cold paper heart<br />
<br />
But I can keep it like new if I can keep it from you <br />
So go on and aim cupid darts <br />
At my cold cold paper heart <br />
‘Cause I was born with a cold paper heart<br />
<br />
The doctors discovered a clue<br />
When they x-rayed my heart they found scotch tape and glue <br />
Was holding together for what seemed like forever<br />
The scraps of my cold paper heart<br />
They finally found a slight pulse<br />
It was beating the beat of a sad little waltz <br />
The experts all felt it was best for my health <br />
To cut out my cold paper heart<br />
<br />
They said a new heart would grow <br />
But it’d be painful and slow <br />
And they had insight they chose to impart<br />
Someone dropped the ball right from the start <br />
And my defense was this cold paper heart<br />
<br />
I pressed that old heart in a book <br />
And I cannot believe all the time that it took <br />
For a tiny rosebud to beat with a thud <br />
Where I once had a cold paper heart<br />
These days I’m up and around <br />
But the saddest part is that I’ve never since found <br />
A person like you, who completely cut through<br />
And once held a cold paper heart<br />
<br />
Well I will fold it in two and I will mail it to you <br />
If you promise me you’ll do your part <br />
To take care of my cold paper heart <br />
‘Cause I was born with a cold paper heart<br />
<br />